by Teenagers

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Teenagers Debut EP

Hold it In video (by Peter Doucette)-


released March 31, 2016

Live tracked at Howl Street Studios in Bay View, Wi
Mixed by Shane Hochstetler
Mastered by Carl Saff
Art by Al Heinecke
Music and lyrics by Teenagers



all rights reserved


Teenagers Wausau, Wisconsin

Melodic hardcore from central wi

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Track Name: Black Lung
Grind my teeth
Oh sweet release
please bring me back again
When waiting wasn't all that much
And as such I'll lead my self down a path of less resistance

Oh I fell in love way too young
I can't seem to find the swan song that I should've sung
So I'm sorry
For never finding my peace of mind
Inside of the darkest place I find

You were what I always hoped would be a sign of better things to come
I just wish you wouldve been there to see some of them
Any of them at all

So i rest my head again
Just like I always did
"if its the same when you're home, then I guess you're better off gone"
Well I'm still looking for the swan song I should've sung

I want mistakes
I want the stutters
I want the tired eyes from sleepless nights
dreaming of you
I want the cold winter darkness
And the sad lonely gutters
And when I don't, I won't falter
I'll lie, I'll alter
Just to say I've always needed this

Do you still put smoke in your lungs?
Every time I do, I think of you
Black lung
So I'm done.
Track Name: Hold It In
Whenever I choose to speak
I feel a, burden slipping through my teeth
Whenever I try to talk about anything
The words won't come out
They just lay there stagnant on the floor

Ive lost control of living reckless
And my insecurities are senseless
But I hold it in
to feel any sense of calm

This is the last breath I take like this
This is the last time I lay here and think like this
There no dignity in this
Leaving all of myself on the back burner
Until I burn away

All I want to be will mean nothing to me
If I can never find contentment
Or any other sense of calm
With who or what I am
Always searching for whats next

Hell hath no fury
Like whats inside my head
Hell hath no fury
Like what keeps me awake instead
Track Name: Dazed
Thats the price you pay for existence
You can be someones Mona Lisa
Someones one and only excellence
Or you could be something just as tragic

Live how you want you be remembered
Oh what have I become?
I thought long ago I deserved love just the way I was
but I had earned nothing

But this loss of all self worth
And my tired eyes collapsing
From the weight of a world that turned and left me all alone
But I know now that love deserves everything
and I have earned nothing

(Absolutely Nothing)

I just want a way out
Even if I get lost
Even if I'm tired and hungry(Tired and hungry)
(i promise i'll get lost)
I'll get lost

Where is my home?
What city is this?
Is this my only masterpiece,
or am I asleep?
Always questioning
Every single thing
Face value was never enough
(Never enough)

So I'm sorry if I look dazed
I'm just trying to recollect my steps
And find the way I got here
in the first place
So I'm sorry if I seem dazed